Publishing a Creabook proofs your creation and especially the dates mentioned in your Creabook and the date published on our site. Those are undisputable facts!

The content is presumed original until someone claims otherwise.

The Universal Standard CREAFREE for intellectual properties invites everyone to participate to the discussion concerning the originality and the content.

Although anyone can write a Creabook, this does not mean it is ready for further labelisations of the Standard. Before a financial value can be attributed to your creation, it needs to undergo a thorough revision by an expert. More information about finance, loan, mortgages and more, can be found here.


A creative work is an element of your Creabook. If they are not meant for the public domain (free to use by everyone) they are mostly encrypted annexes and linked to the elements or the Creabook.

CREAFREE is developing a service where those annexes can become Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The CREA NFT tokens will be available for sale or for any financial transaction. The creator decides by the creation of the tokens if the annex (the creative work) will be a unique piece, or if there will be more exact similar pieces available from this art work.