Make more, manage less

Creafree integrates and automates every step of your business so it runs seamlessly – from proposal to tax season.

Everything you need to run your creative business.

Creafree’s all-in-one product suite with smart automation lets you focus on your passion, not your paperwork.
Everyone is a creator. Whenever you find a solution for a problem or you invent something, you need to be sure that you are mentioned as the original creator and be able to protect all your rights.
Design your Creabook, the book that describes your creation.

Without Creafree

With Creafree

Seven steps to the ultimate Sovereign title for your creation…

Trusted by all creators

Humans Have More than 6,000 Thoughts per Day


Built for All Creations

Our books of creations (Creabooks) cover a wide-ranging fields of creations from design and marketing to development, music, writing,  photography, literary works, visual arts, and more…
The ultimate Creabook is a Sovereign Title with the greatest international value possible.


Built for All Creators

Creafree has international coverage across the World with all currencies supported, even digital.
Our services are accessible to all through an incentive system of Referrals, CreaGuards and our own utility token.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our members are saying!

Creafree simply the best!

“Anyone who creates should use Creafree for their intellectual property. It’s amazing easy and saves lots of time to protect their ideas. The process until the last labels and a universal Sovereign Title is accessible to everyone.”

Dick Van Gelder

Secretary General WcS

My passion is to give the creators what creators should have.

“For many years I have been building on the best possible solution to inspire creators to innovate and find solutions to the world’s problems.  As an expert in Standardization and Law I brought a structure that will help all creators to evolve in their project while being protected. The standard offers them ways to find the needed funds to get started.”

Alain Souloumiac

President Word creators Society

It’s your creation.
We’re here to help it grow.



Writing a Creabook
Publishing a Creabook
Revision by Expert
Conform the Universal Standard Creafree
Financial Evaluation
Sovereign Title
Ethical Evalution



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