Writing a Creabook is different for each creator. You might face a problem first, or you are creating out of the blue. Maybe you start with a creative element who will become your Creabook while working on it.

A book has chapters, and so does a Creabook. In order to be accepted by Creafree to publish your Creabook on the website, your information need to be conform to the Universal Standard for Intellectual Properties. Don't worry we will guide you step by step, or you can ask for the IRIP solution, which is a email system where you will write your Creabook while answering email questions.

What are the Creabook Chapters?

  • A title;
  • A picture who will be used as the main page of your Creabook;
  • The first date that you can link to your creation;
  • The creative elements of your creation;
  • The final touch for completing your Creabook is an introduction, an abstract in your language and if different from English also the translated abstract, a glossary that guides a reader through the words that needs more explanation and a subtitle for your Creabook if the title is short and needs more clarification.

Let's start by associating your Name to your Creabook. 

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We welcome you to protect your intellectual property and compose your documentation conform the Universal Standard for Intellectual Property.