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Using the Creafree
Standard for Intellectual Properties

Creafree promotes the recognition, protection, enhancement and transmission of the creations of its members.

The recognition and rights of creators:

The originality of a creation is validated by a Scientific Council according the Creafree protocol.
The Creabook (book of works) brings together the elements of the creation.
A review process is implemented with the assistance of the team of advisers, lawyers, experts and notaries accredited by the association and evaluates the Creabook.

Defending the rights of its members:

After validation of a Creabook the Creator becomes member of (WcS) the World creator’s Society.
WcS contributes to the safeguard and defense of the moral and material interests of the rights of their members.
WcS respects the intellectual property rights of their members, in particular according to the provisions of the Berne Convention, the Universal Declaration of 1948 and its derivative covenants, copyrights within the meaning of the treaties of the World Trade Organization, patents, trademarks and models, the rights of software and database authors.

Promote and transmit technological heritage:

WcS provides its members and beneficiaries assistance in order to promote their creation and the moral rights attached to it.
It can intervene in the management of the contracts and royalties.
It maintains a register of pledges enforceable against third parties in order to facilitate the mobilization of funds useful for the full development of their creation for all concerned.
It records the rights of its members and their transmission by timestamp on the Blockchain.
It organizes and offers an arbitration system in order to simplify litigation procedures. Its assistance extends to the patrimonial transmission of the rights of its members.

Enjoy simple composition of your Creabook

Note-taking has been an important part of human history and scientific development.
Many different formats are used to structure information and make it easier to find, to document and to understand later.

The Creafree Standard for Intellectual Properties helps everyone to start compiling the notes and ideas of any Creator and any work.

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