Creafree – Intellectual Property accessible for all

Establish your intellectual property

Creafree provides all the means to protect your creative ideas and to acquire a sovereign property title.

Everything you need to safeguard your rights.

Creafree's universal standard for intellectual property helps you focus on your passion, not your paperwork.

We have entered the creator's era

Robots and algorithms are replacing most of the repetitive human labor. 
Society and organizations are in need for independent creators and creative workers.

Whenever you express a creative idea, you need to be sure that you are identified as the original creator and that all your rights are protected.


Design your Creabook, the book that describes and claim your creation.

  1. Imperative secrecy of R&D
  2. Lack of proof of the origin of the creation
  3. Unaffordable costs
  4. Long and inefficient legal proceedings
  5. No guarantee attached to costly prior art examination
  6. Protection state by state
  7. Twenty years duration
  8. Heavy, long and costly court procedures

  1. Open cooperation allowed and encouraged.
  2. Fundamentally based on the background and personal origin
  3. Free use of the standard format, free time stamping, only optional certification costs
  4. Immediate registration and publication
  5. Authenticity of the origin of creations certified by a panel of leading international experts
  6. World protection by international treaties
  7. Fifty years' duration at least
  8. Systematic promotion of amicable arbitration

Seven steps to the ultimate Sovereign title for your creation...

All Humans Are Creators

Humans Have More than 6,000 Thoughts per Day


Creafree is Built for All Creations

Our books of creations (Creabooks) cover all fields of creative activities from design and marketing to  development, music, writing,  photography, literary works, visual arts, scientific works, software and more...
The ultimate Creabook is a Sovereign Title with the highest possible international value.


Creafree is Built for All 

Creafree has international coverage across the World in all languages and is financially accessible to all.
All currencies supported, even digital.
The value of the Creafree title is recognized by all countries who have signed the Bern Treaty.
Creafree organization offers creators multiple services including timestamping, creation counselors, experts in certification, amicable resolution, creaguards, mortgage, and so on...

Don't just take our word for it, see what our members are saying!

My passion is to implement the creator’s rights.

“For many years I have been trying to build the best possible system to give creators the power to innovate and solve the world’s major problems.  As an expert in standardization, I created a structure that implements the essential rights recognized to all creators by international treaties. Because the creators become the owners of their creative ideas, they can easily find all the needed funds to develop their creation.” 


Alain Souloumiac

President Word creators Society

Creafree simply the best!

“Anyone who creates should use Creafree for their intellectual property. It’s amazing easy and saves lots of time to protect their ideas. The process until the last labels and a universal Sovereign Title is accessible to everyone.”

Dick Van Gelder

Secretary General WcS

It is your dream.

We will build it together.


Writing a Creabook
Publishing a Creabook
Revision by Expert
Conform the Universal Standard Creafree
Financial Evaluation
Sovereign Title
Ethical Evaluation


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