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Will we have the ability, willingness and intelligence to think and implement changes to our overall profit? or will we simply wait catastrophic events to lead our future ?Jacque Fresco

The 200 000 years’ miracle

First human beings were nude, extremely weak, but able to create. They could see, analyze, create and act to survive. They created tools, designed strategies and mapped new spaces. We have lost most of their original knowledge. But we have kept some of it.

When Michelangelo came on this earth, thanks to his extraordinary creative talent, homo-sapiens had existed for 200.000 years. Thanks to Gutenberg the art of stocking data registered formidable move forward.

The homo-sapiens had left their caverns and created the first villages 190.000 years after they were born. 5.000 years ago writing allowed them to accumulate, disseminate and transmit their creations. With the New Technologies of Information and Communication, evolution registered a prodigious acceleration during the last 30 years.

From City to Liberty

When Michelangelo finishes his frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Europe enters the Renaissance. The great works of the ancient cities reappear. The creators are venerated by the powerful lords.

The eighteenth century places freedom at the top of the social edifice. Freedom to think gives the thinkers of the Enlightenment new opportunities to accelerate the development and sharing of human knowledge. The rise of science and technique is followed by an unprecedented industrial expansion.

Little by little, society perceives that creation is the true source of wealth. All the products, all the services, all the processes that surround us, have one day been conceived by one or several human beings. The more the creators are valued, the more creativity develops, the more wealth increases.


At the end of the twentieth century, as abundance reaches peaks, prospects begin to darken. It becomes clear that many of the roads followed by the human species alter the ecological balance. In many sectors, new technologies reduce the need for labor, while favoring the relocation of productions from advanced countries to emerging countries. Rich nations are no longer able to invest their unemployed production capacities. Growth reaches a ceiling; unemployment and misery plague society. History regresses.

Economic imbalances increase. The interest in international cooperation is questioned. Again, spending on armaments is on the rise. The foci of war are multiplying. Rivalries are exacerbated. Terrible conflicts are emerging on the horizon.

Prison or freedom

Faced with these problems, there is no solution; we are imprisoned in the current framework. Quantitative easing is obviously unreasonable. Money cannot push investment. Fake loans make fake deposits. It is the potential of the investment that justifies credit.

Humanity must leave its prison. It must invent new routes, regain self-confidence and reinvest in its future, share more equitably new wealth. To bring about these changes, the human species has an infinite resource: its creative capacity.

A billion creations potential is blocked by our system. 99.9% of individuals cannot create because this power is not protected and valued. Except for authors and artists who have succeeded, the freedom of creative work is not real. The capital of creations, whether primary, secondary or tertiary, is not protected. Patents are reserved for a  small minority because of inaccessible complexities and costs.

Without the protection of creative labor, there is no capacity to invest. The system stifles the expression of creativity.

In the name of free competition and fluidity of the market, know-how is subject to general pillage. The ordinary citizen cannot invest in his creation. “His ideas are not his own and belong to everyone”. The financiers refuse to finance loans that they cannot amortize. Thus, creators remain silent and the projects of which they are the bearers remain fallow.


The so-called rule of market fluidity is contrary to the needs of development and good governance of the economic heritage, but also to the general principles of law. The unavowable function of this rule is actually to curb the play of creative innovations because it threatens established interests.

Citizens are free, that is to say: owners of their bodies, thoughts, works, and creations. Among the many texts which proclaim the right of the creators on their productions, let us recall the Universal Declaration of 1948 which recognizes that:

“1. Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to participate in scientific progress and the benefits that result therefrom.”

“2. Everyone has the right to the protection of moral and material interests arising from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.”

To achieve the freedom of creators, a formal title is needed. In order for this title to provide the solid assets and the authority that investors need to finance creation, it must be registered and labeled with the support of highly competent professionals.

The end of the crisis

The meeting of the challenges of our time, such as the control of climate change, depends on multiple, convergent and long-term actions. As Peter Drucker said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it “.

2 billion dollars is the amount that the World invests every year in Research and Development. Below promised announcements, this figure can grow even more rapidly. Money is abundant. There is no shortage of ideas. For the money to crystallize into projects, free creators are needed.

The recognition of the rights and responsibilities of creators makes it possible to change the situation. Creations must be protected and creators must own their creative work. Return on investment will grow. Opportunities to invest will multiply. Investments in startups will become more attractive. Time will get longer and the economy will capitalize on sustainable progress.

Visitors! Creations are the heart of the human future. Come with us and register aboard the Creafree Platform!  Become creators, advisers, and investors! The market of creations will grow and better meet the needs of the future.


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  2. It is difficult to give a precise answer to this question. With Creafree Standard, R&D (creation) will be better coordinated. More private money will be invested because the Return on Investment concerning creations will be more attractive. The labeling policy of Creafree and the responsibility of the creator will favor creations friendly for the natural environment. There will be more and more creators. Today a few hundred thousand searchers may obtain a patent. Tomorrow billions of potential creators will be able to register a Creabook. The capacity of humanity to adapt will grow and accelerate.

    1. Visitors are welcome to visit this website.
      If they are interested, they can register to become participants (citizens). Participants may review all Creabooks, suggest improvements to creators, and become co-creators. They may also act as creators, advisers and investors. But they can also work for the Société mondiale des Créateur. Various jobs of moderators, mediators and/or arbitrators are proposed in the different languages.
      All these possibilities will be opened as soon as our programmers will have finished developing the full technical platform.

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