Register, publish and promote your book of creation on the Single Register for Creations

The best way to predict the future is to create itPeter Drucker

The Platform Creafree is designed for the Creator to register any creation,

  • in a fast and simple manner,
  • at a cost-effective price,
  • and to benefit of world rights on all its original elements.

Any creation

Creation is the fruit of the mind of one or more authors who design(s) an original work. It is expressed by:

– writing: novel, manual, recipe, medicine, protocol…

– digital support: movie, picture, theater, documentary, choreography, shape, plan, music, database, software…

– and/or a piece of material: painting, sculpture, perfume, architecture, design…

Fast and simple

The Creator connects on the Creafree Platform. He downloads a manual and writes the book of his creation. A simple Creabook may be registered and published in less than 2 hours. To prepare an elaborate Creabook the Creator may ask for the support of one or several advisers.


The price to register a standard Creabook is €50. This price includes the publication of the Creabook on the Platform for a duration of 5 years. The publication may be indefinitely renewed. It may be amended anytime. The registration remains permanent.

World rights

A timestamped version of the book is mailed back to the Creator. This copy certifies the date and time of publication of the Creabook on the Platform. The publication on this Platform is exclusive. The property of the author is presumed by all users of the Platform worldwide. The Creabook becomes a title property. Labels by third parties proposed to the Creator to ascertain the genuine value of his creation. The originality value of the creation is by a jury of top world experts.


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  2. Creabooks, copyrights, registered trademarks and patents are all supposed to protect creations. Creations are original works expressed out of nothingness by human beings. They all are declarations made by the creator tending to demonstrate the authenticity of creative work. Registered trademarks and patents are registered by the government against the payment of a tax. They are not guaranteed by the government as authentic. Creabooks are a declaration made by the creator tending to demonstrate the authenticity of creative work. They can be registered and published by the World creators Society. Moral rights attached to Creabooks which benefit of originality labels are defended by the Society.


  4. Creabook is a superior property title for many reasons.
    First, it is directly based on true human moral and material rights. This book of creation has a universal value because it is designed to implement article 27.2 of the Universal Declaration and attached covenants, as well as the article 10 of TRIPS and as the Treaty of Berne.
    Second, it is not only written to prove that the work expressed in the book is original. It is also designed to prove a fact: the author is the real origin of the creative expression. To this end, it gives the author the means to annex any type of evidence proving this genuine origin.
    Third, the book of creation is published on a website where every participant may discuss the originality of the work and the authorship of the creator.
    Fourth, after the public inquiry, the value of the Creabook may be assessed by third parties. On the creator’s request, the World creators’ Society appoints an expert to label the conformity of the book in reference to Creafree Standard. The creator may also aks an expert to confirm the quality of the economic evaluation given to the creation. Finally, a grand jury, composed of the best world experts, may label the originality of the creation.

  5. Yes, creators have an immense power.
    This power is not always apparent because companies, trade marks and patents dominate the front society with their money. But money is not real reality.
    All the products and services which surround us have once be created. Creator are the owners of all recent creations. As most products and services receipt, creators are the original proprietor of the economy.
    Creators may sign contracts and give some of their powers to companies in exchange of premiums and wages. Still they keep their moral rights. Such moral rights like the power of nomination are imprescritible. The creator has the right to call his creation. He/she does not need any trade-mark for this. Nomination is a metaphysical act of absolute value.

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