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Read the latest or most valued creations to select the best investments

Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing
.– Warren Buffet

Creabooks are written by Creators and labelled by Creafree to give Investors all necessary information and tools to make safe and profitable investments.

Labelled creation – Secured asset

Investor and banks need expertise and guarantees to secure the money they invest. Creafree offers them the evaluation of its expert about the conformity, the economic value and the originality of the concerned creations. When the Creator registers his Creabook, he commits to give Creafree exclusivity on this registration. The Creabook becomes the creation itself and the Creator may offer it as a guarantee to the investor for any money he borrows.

Return On Investment – Innovation

Investments in Creabooks offer high return on investment because of the lifetime plus at least 50 years of protection attached to the creation. Creabooks Investment combines the high performance of innovation and the stability of stone investment. In the event of cyclical difficulties, the Investor has the time to wait for a return to better times.

World market

Creafree encourages creativity and its sharing at world level. It multiplies opportunities for attractive investment and scale economy.


Creafree receives all creations but only supports those in line with its Ethical Chart. Creations must favor Environment Protection.


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