Why Creafree?

Creafree aims to free the potential of all creators through implementing the principles of Intellectual Property proclaimed by International Treaties.  This freedom contributes to building a better world:

  • Justice: creators are entitled to receive a just Return On Investment from the creation which they have produced.
  • Progress: startups will get the finance to develop the disruptive creations which Climate Transition needs.
  • Responsibility: creators will become responsible for the services and products they put on the market.

How is Creafree working?

Creafree registers the name, proof and labels of the creator’s ownership:

  • Name: the Creabook names he original idea expressed out of nothingness.
  • Proof: the Creabook proves the origin of each original element that composes the creation.
  • Labels: the conformity, economy, and originality of the Creabook are labeled by third parties accredited experts.


What is Creafree?

Creafree is a standard administered by the World creators Society to deliver superior property titles.

  • Standard: it is a standard that implements Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and associated Covenants which recognize the moral and material rights of the authors on all creations, scientific, literary as well as artistic.
  • WcS: it is administered by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that represents the creators.
  • Superior: the NGO delivers superior property title validated by top world experts.