Organize the Research & Development Market of each Sector

The Creations are exchanged for creations.- Jean-Baptiste Say

A Capital is established in each creative sector to receive the institutions that will organize the exchange and development of the concerned creations. Such capitals are chosen by Société mondiale des Créateurs following a call to tenders.

World conservatory for Creations

The Books of creation (Creabook) are registered in the Single creations’ Register and published by the World conservatory. The registration is made for all creators at world level. The creations are administered in each sector by the responsible division of the Conservatory.

Training and research Center

In each sector of creations, the Center trains the advisers who assist creators and label the Books of Creation. A research center collects and disseminates related research.

Originality grand Jury

Composed of the best world experts, the Grand Jury labels the originality of creations to promote superior property titles. These titles are covered by the moral right protection clause of the Société mondiale des Créateurs.

Best practice Observatory

The Observatory collects and publishes the best practice related to national legislation described by Single Correlation Tables.

World creations’ Award

The World creations’ Awards are allocated each year to acknowledge the most significant contributions to ethical progress in each sector of creations.

World creations’ Market

The World Creations’ Market is managed by the Creafree Platform which unites together with the creators. The Creation’s Exposition presents each year the achievements of the main actors of the knowledge progress.

Superior Arbitration Chamber

The Superior Arbitration Chamber solves all disputes according to the amicable procedure. This procedure is introduced in all contracts involving the Creafree Standard.

Academy of ethical Progress

The Academy takes the necessary measures to reserve the label’s benefit for only books that meet the criteria established by its Ethical Charter.