Participant Article

Discover, comment and value the work of the creators

“We can never get a re-creation of community
and heal our society
without giving our citizens a sense of belonging.”
– Patch Adams

The Platform Creafree is designed for the citizens to discover new creations and participate in the creation process by expressing their critics, advice, wishes, and ideas.


A participant may read all the books of creation (Creabooks) published on the Platform and comment on any part he desires. The comments function gives birth to a public inquiry. It is useful for the Creator to receive the participant ‘s opinion and knowledge. It is also useful for the Investors and the Experts to learn from the Citizens comments.


The presumption of property on the creation has no meaning if it cannot be challenged. If a Citizen has knowledge of other original work that questions in part or in total the creation, he should tell the Creator. The Creator should answer and, if possible, make his property even stronger. In case he discovers that he is not the real creator, he should admit it.


The participant may provide advice to the Creator. He may himself become a co-creator and propose cooperation to the Creator.


The participant can also comment on the Creabook to indicate new needs that he wishes the Creator to satisfy and suggest new ideas.


Finally, the participant may become an actor in the Creafree system; such as creator, adviser, investor, broker, moderator or arbitrator…


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