Adviser Article

Advise the creators so that they obtain a universal and superior property title

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

The Platform Creafree is designed for the Creator to benefit of all useful advice to build a strong and efficient property title.  Under the request of a Creator, Creafree appoints Experts among the Community of World Advisers to examine and label the value of the creations.

IP Counsellor

Creator may ask the assistance of Intellectual Property Counsellor to elaborate his Creabook and/or to help him obtaining the conformity, economy and originality labels.

Engineer, Searcher

The Creator may also request the services of a specific Engineer to help him designing his creation.

Marketer, Economist

Creator may contact Marketers or Economists to lead market survey, define strategy and business plan, or to know more about any specific economic sector.


Creator can ask the services of a lawyer of a notary to write license, selling act, wills, guarantee for finance … or to create companies, associations or foundations.


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